Comet Gallery…

Here are some of the more memorable comets from recent years… we’re all hoping ISON is better than all of these, but we’ll have to wait and see..!

Comet HALE-BOPP dazzled and entranced observers in 1997…

A couple of years ago, Comet Lovejoy was a magnificent sight from the southern hemisphere…

Comet McNaught’s tail was like a fan spread across the sky…

Incredibly, people who couldn’t see the comet’s head because they loved too far north still saw parts of its tail shining above their horizon…!

What will Comet ISON look like..?

One Response to “Comet Gallery…”

  1. […] photos of a wild looking, mutating six tailed asteroid. This week it appears Comet Ison has become neon blue and is apparently sprouting a second tail.  The much ballyhooed space visitor to our solar system […]

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