Is Comet ISON Nibiru..?

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And how do we know that?

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Yes, really. Comet ISON is, as the name suggests, A COMET. A chunk of dirty ice, in a long, loooong orbit around the Sun. It’s not coming anywhere near Earth. It’s not carrying angels or godlike beings. It’s just one comet in the Sun’s family of countless billions of comets.

If you believe in Nibiru, it’s either because you’re ignorant about astronomy – and I mean that in the true, polite sense of the word, i.e. you don’t know much about astronomy, not that you’re a stupid person – or because you have fallen for the utter garbage to be found on blogs and on YouTube videos from people who choose to ignore the unchallengeable scientific reasons why Nibiru doesn’t, and can’t exist. Nibiru is just a fantasy dreamed up by the same tin foil hat-wearing brigade which believes in alien abductions, chemtrail-spraying jets, and mind controlling radio waves.

But don’t take my word for it. If you really want to know why Nibiru doesn’t – and physically can’t – exist, then go to this superb website which will explain, logically, step by step, the background to this mythical planet, and the reasons why it just can’t exist. If you genuinely have an open mind, are genuinely curious, and genuinely want to do research, you’ll take a look. Go on. I dare you.

Cosmophobia – Nibiru

If you don’t take a look, or do but still believe in Nibiru after reading what’s there, well, nothing is ever going to change your mind, and I feel quite sad about that,ย  because you’re choosing to live in a strange fantasy land of make believe planets and bizarre beings, when the actual truth is so, so much more incredible and thrilling. But that’s your choice.

27 Responses to “Is Comet ISON Nibiru..?”

  1. Even though I’m skepital about some End of the World celestial object coming to Earth. But you do have to admit this. There is still little information about what lies beyond Pluto. You have to believe that there is some other possible dwarf planets out there even bigger than Pluto. So even with NASA and other astronomical sites claiming there is no such thing as Nibiru. They do admit that we have to be open-minded about a mysterious object that we can’t see. Also there were articles published about the disturbance of Neptune and Uranus’s orbits. Which has the astronomy community puzzled. Also if Nibiru or something was to be hurling itself toward Earth. Do you think our governments and NASA would tell the public?

    • Andrew, the fundamental flaw with the whole Nibiru thing – apart from the fact it is, trust me, absolute BS – is that there is No Way Something Like That COULD be Covered Up. NASA doesn’t have exclusive rights to observing the sky, nor do any governments. Around the world now, daily, hundreds if not thousands of very advanced amateur astronomers observe the sky with telescopes of professional observatory quality, controlled by software which costs 1000s of pounds. They FIND objects – comets, asteroids – and can, with no help from anyone else, calculate their orbits. So if an object like Nibiru had been found, there is no way its existence could be kept secret by NASA or Govts because can’t throw a concealing cloak over the sky, people would see it, calculate its orbit, and word would get out. But Nibiru… seriously, it’s utter, utter rubbish, as that Cosmpohobia post explains. Yes, there are almost certainly Pluto-sized worlds out there waiting to be found, but not on a collision course with us.

  2. Note that ISON, unlike Halley or most other comets, is on a hyperbolic orbit in the galactic plane (ie at a steep angle to the ecliptic where most asteroids , planets and other comets orbit the sun). It is generally agreed by scientists that it is going at sufficient speed to exit the Oort Cloud. Hope you can take a look at my short free paper on this : Very likely ISON came from another solar system. If Panspermia has any hope of being “true”, this watery/icey comet should contain “seeds of life”. Likely viruses and bacteria. This is a wonderful moment in time when we can actually search for complex molecules in ISON using ALMA. Milton Wainwright will be doing experiments in the stratosphere in the New Year. Keep your eye open for new viral pathogens in 2014. Of course there is also the theory that I do not subscribe to -, the Jim MCCanney’s Plasma Discharge Model. It is worth following this BLOG. ALMA’s spectrum analysis will finally disprove this. He argues the core is plasma; Panspermia argues the core is ice/water. It could be a mute point as it is possible there are both types of Comets depending on the source (ie hyperbolic v. Elliptical ; ie Oort or another solar system v. Kuiper Belt).

  3. niburu ?! it’s just a legend

  4. Because ISON is on a hyperbolic orbic, if we assume its speed passing MARS 48,000 mph is likely what it has been for thousands of years (it is rapidly speeding up as it reaches the perihelion) then it likely entered the solar system (Oort Cloud 2 ly away) . It has been travelling approximately 48,000*24*360 miles per year. So the time to travel from a point outside of the Oort cloud to our sun is 2 ly divided by this speed . This is 28,000 years. So ISON is being sling shot from sun to sun, taking 50,000 years to move from star to star. Now if (as some do) we accept that intelligent peoples ARE watching or guiding earth’s development (viz a viz Disclosure Project), then such ETs would come from similar distance and would have the knowledge that COMETS are a global threat to civilizations on every exoplanet. They will likely have the skill to track comets and to estimate when they will enter the close proximity to the sun, where less advance civilizations might need help to divert or fragment the Comet. By amazing good luck ISON avoids all our planets even Jupiter. Although ISON is as big as a mountain and 99% water, it would have destroyed most life on earth had it hit us directly.

  5. Friend good night. You do not know anything about astronomy, you know more than one employee and researcher at NASA? Yeah my cousin is, he works at the new telescope at the South Pole. Guess what! he’s coming back to Italy and said he did not have permission to talk about Nibiru. He said that in January 2014, world leaders will gather at the UN to declare to the world that the planet will pass near 0.39 AU of the earth and do not know what to do. The planet is much larger than say the speed reaches about 384 km / s In January he will be in Italy and you can even send me an email after -. – this is my email. Ai want to see if you have the courage to apologize. He worked with nasa official who is trying to alert the world, she told the truth, but greatly increased her words, Patty L. Brassard but believe those who want … I await your response in January. even more

    • So he didn’t have permission to talk about it, but did? That makes him a very trustworthy reliable sort then, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I will not apologise, now or in January, and here is my response, no need to wait. There IS NO NIBIRU. It is a fantasy, a myth, a lie, take your pick. Just for a moment, just a fleeting moment, think about it logically. In an age when there are literally hundreds of thousands of people looking at and photographing the sky every night, independantly, with no connection to NASA or any organisation or government, just skywatchers working in back gardens, yards and fields scattered around the world, with fantastically powerful telescopes, sophisticated cameras and computers, how come there is not a single image of Nibiru against the starfield? Not one? If it;s out there there should, and would, be dozens, hundreds, thousands of images of this mysterious world; people would be photographing it by ACCIDENT, whilst imaging other things. That alone shows the sheer stupidity of the idea. And if you knew even much basic astronomy you would know that if a planet was approaching us now, scheduled to pass that close to us in January, it would be so bright it would be clearly visible to the naked eye already, as obvious as Mercury is at dawn, or Venus is at sunset, or Jupiter and Mars are in the morning sky. If a planet was approaching us now how come it is being missed by all the cameras on the dozens of space probes and satellites and telescopes around and sent away from Earth, which are looking in all directions? I suppose you’ll say that NASA is hiding that information, concealing the images, and I can’t answer that but think you already know just how ridiculous that idea is, don’t you? So, Nibiru is not real. And at the end of January, when the month has come and gone with no press conference, no grand UN announcement, no plea for calm by world leaders, I’ll expect YOU to come back to this blog and apologise yourself, for adding to the worry and fear many people will be feeling about this thanks to the countless BS YouTube videos and blogs which have sprung up to worship the myth of Nibiru.

      • @Phoenixpics.
        An old saying goes like this. ” The hardest diamond will wear down if you rub it against every stone”

        There be always be them that will not admit the truth even if it came with a nuke inside and exploded in their faces.

        You will merely tire yourself if you insist on proving and reproving the reality. There are thousand of millions who agree with you but have never read your post. The problem is not absence of knowledge but of a certain grey stuff. So don’t wear out yours in a futile endeavor. Diamond you undeniably are but there are too many stones out there.

  6. Yes ISON is absolutely not Nibiru, or Planet X or Anunaki or whatever.
    Like you I am a rationalist and enemy of pseudoscience.
    BUT here is the caveat. If you ask me to swear by what ever god you want me to swear to whether or not I am 100% sure my reply will be No.

    Is it not possible, ever, at all, for such strange creatures complete with the set of ultra natural capabilities/powers to exist, and my answer will be, maybe.
    We just don’t know everything there is to know and probably never will. So of course there could be such things within the immensity of our universe.

    Of course the problem is that this approach, this argument in the hands of the fruit loops instantly transforms itself into the Anunaki, and they swear to high heaven that they have intimate knowledge of the facts of the cosmos. And speak to them every day.

    So what can one do? These loonies will always be with us and I would much rather ignore them then elevate them to equals by arguing with them.

    So long as they don’t cause any harm (except to themselves, which I donโ€™t seem to mind whatever.)


  7. Wow. You did all your research on youtube. Zero credibility. Pick up some books, travel to other countries, get some tangible evidence, read some scriptures, make some connections….something! Then make a website talking down to people. I’m not saying Nibiru is real but you’re saying there’s no other beings outside of humans. Now that’s fantasy my friend. Nibiru being made up by “the same tin foil hat-wearing brigade which believes in alien abductions, chemtrail-spraying jets, and mind controlling radio waves”? Seriously? My 2 year old daughter could do a five second google search to know the Sumerians were the originators of this. Amazing

    • Thanks Don – I’m guessing it’s Don because you didn’t actually give your name, just “D”, but that’s ok, many people who leave snarky comments on here questioning my credibility don’t. Of course you’re right about the Sumerian origin of the Nibiru story, but I think you’ll agree that it’s only recently that the Nibiru myth has been hijacked by the nutters who believe in UFOs etc. Don’t get me wrong; I personally believe in extraterrestrial life, 1000%, arrogant to think otherwise, but the modern version of the Nibiru story – an almost invisible planet, hidden from/by NASA in some grand global conspiracy, I have no time for that or the idiots who peddle it. But you’re right about the Sumerian origin, I was making a bit of a sweeping statement there.

    • @D
      Read the scriptures for finding the Truth/facts?
      That would be like reading Don Quixote to learn surgery.

  8. We had planned to see Comet Ison this Sunday before dawn, but it seemed that this comet did not make it through its journey close to the sun. It is just gone out of sight. Images from NASA spacecraft showed Comet ISON approaching for its slingshot around the sun, but nothing coming out on the other side. Very sad and disappointed, but at least I have seen the best one so far (Comet Ikeya-Seki – C/1965 S1).

  9. ISON makes it round sun – alive and well. See my LOG at ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I think folks who believe NASA or any other government entity has a monopoly on, or control of, or can hide, astronomical information (like Nibiru)are not in touch with the reality of day to day astronomy. We “common people” are already in charge. In truth, the US government cannot even hide its own satellites from us. When they tried, hundreds of independent skywatchers turned out and set up visual tracking teams that found and mapped the undisclosed orbits. (Check the “Heavens Above” website.) If any government agency could find another planet in our proximity, then plenty of independent astronomers could – and would – do it too. But, none of them have found one yet, so we can be confident that no government bureaucrat has done what we cannot.

  11. Nibiru is partially spiritual phenomena that is outside the realm of ‘material’ science as we understand it.

  12. Ok but what the heck is that orange thingthat appears in the sky then?
    Cause i live in Holland and i;ve seen it several times and then it disappears.

  13. those who deny the existence of a large outer planet perturbing the orbits of our outer planets are obviously unaware that this is occuring. Other undeniable happenings are: warming of the solar system , warming of the earth being caused by increased solar radiation and to a greater extent magma closer to the surface of the earth. This is caused by a great gravitational pull on the earth from an outer source . Drastically increased seismic activity . Red rain.
    how about the large numbers of proven pictures of the planet x constellation taken by professional and amateur astronomers. It is visible with the eye at times on earth now. The first images of this system were captured by nasa and other US gov financed projects.

    • Utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, UTTER bollocks. Take your pseudoscientific tinfoil hat-wearing crap somewhere else. This is a scientific blog, not a fantasy nutjob hangout.

  14. actually it is science. You are shoowing that you really have not researched this. There are some HEAVY A MAINSTREAM SCIENTISTS onboard with this , including from nasa and the smithsonian. that does not include the Us naval observatory’s own Robert s Harrington who actually discovered it in 1983. You really should look at the science before accusing people of wearing funny hats . BTY , i do have an engineering /science background , Alfred U 1983. My brother is a double engineer with elec and ceramic including work on r and d ceramic super conductor projects and he is on board with this.
    You should get out more….

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