We’re all doomed! DOOMED!

No. We’re not.


Seriously, we’re not. If you’re worried about that, after reading some end of the world nonsense elsewhere, relax.

And if you’re one of the tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory believing, X Files obsessed, fruit loop “The End Is Nigh!” nutters who lives in their parents’ basement and spends hours reading about Mayan Calendars, UFOs, Moon Landing Hoaxes and the like, this isn’t the blog for you. Kindly leave.

Sadly, anything a) astronomical and b) rare gets hijacked by a bunch of crazies nowadays, people with far too much spare time on their hands and, sadly, access to a computer and the internet. Any new discovery – a comet, asteroid, whatever – is quickly kidnapped by these nutters and heralded as proof that the world is going to end! It’s bizarre. These people actually seem to relish the thought of billions of people dying and human civilisation being wiped out, and are even disappointed when it doesn’t happen! Take all that Mayan crap at the end of last year. It was always rubbish – the Mayans never predicted the end of the world, it was modern 21st century idiots who twisted the whole calendar thing into something stupid – and when the world didn’t end on the day it was predicted to they all backtracked, insisting the calculations were wrong, or the translation was wrong. Doomsday was just delayed, not cancelled.

Prats. I have no time for them. I’m quite sure none of you reading this hold such beliefs, you’ve come here looking for practical advice and oserving information. But if this is you…


…then seriously, this isn’t the place for you. A quick Google search for “Comet+ISON+bull****” will find somewhere where you’ll be welcome. Because, even though you might not want to hear it, and wouldn’t believe it even if sensible people tied you to a chair and told you it a million times…

* Comet ISON is not “Nibiru”, the ‘tenth planet’ destined to collide with, and destroy, Earth.

* Comet ISON will not hit the Earth. In fact, in astronomical terms, we’re not even going to have a “near miss”.

* Comet ISON’s arrival in the sky will not usher in a new dark age, herald the birth of the Antichrist, or trigger earthquakes or revolutions. Nor will it mean the onset of plaques, or the final gallops of the Horsmen of the Apocalypse.

It’s just a big ball of dirty ice, melting in the warmth and light of the Sun as it whizzes around it, and we’ll see it in our sky for a while before it heads back out into the darkness.



Now go look at the maps and get ready to see something beautiful in the sky. 🙂


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